Tuesday, April 29, 2008

The countdown has begun! In just 34 days I will be leaving in my Roadtrek campervan to begin roaming North America for a year or so!

With my 65th birthday staring at me in September of this year, I feel the need to step outside the confines of my life and let the free spirit side of my soul have its turn. The years to now have been rich and full but pretty predictable: work, love, children, grandchildren.

I plan to spend the next year just going where the wind blows me, traveling around God’s earth and seeing that it is good! Who knows what adventures I might have.

The first leg of my trip will take me to Edmonton to pick up my friend Dianne. We’ll head east on the Yellowhead, pick up the TransCanada Highway somewhere in Saskatchewan and continue on to New Brunswick. Along the way, we’ll stop in Ottawa, Kingston, Montreal and Quebec City. Dianne will fly back home to Edmonton from Saint John, NB.

I plan to stay in and around the Atlantic Provinces until mid-September. I plan to be in all four of the Atlantic Provinces at some point during the summer and am especially excited about going to Newfoundland, the one province I’ve never visited.

In mid-September, I’ll head down the eastern seaboard of the US poking along, enjoying the sights, visiting all the places I’ve read about but never been. After this, the itinerary becomes a bit cloudy. I may head back to the Maritimes, leave the van and fly home for a visit or I may leave the van in Florida and fly home or maybe I’ll drive back home through the US. In any event, I suspect by later in the fall I’ll feel a need to touch base with my grandchildren in Alberta.

The rest of the journey will depend on where I’ve left my “travel home”.

I’ll be blogging so you can keep up with my travels as you feel inclined to do so and I’ll reachable by email at eliz.mclennan@gmail.com The blog isn’t set up yet (one of those things on the countdown list) but I’ll let you know where it is.

I’m excited and just a wee bit anxious – a wonderful combination of feelings that I haven’t felt for some time!

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