Thursday, June 5, 2008

Ahhh...Ottawa at last

Sheesh. It only seems like northern Ontario goes on forever! It ended today and I’m sitting at Cousin Ruth’s dining table in Kanata as I write this evening.

We stopped today in the wonderful little town of Deep River to stretch our legs and take a look at an artisan’s co-op. My chatty friend (and potter) Diane soon managed to get us an invite to the local potter’s guild. Next thing you know, we were directed to a local eatery, The Bean Pot, on the main street. So we had lunch (borscht for Dianne; lentil soup for me) and ate surrounded by the work of more local artists. Deep River is a pretty town of 4200 souls – clean streets, newer municipal buildings and friendly people. After lunch we gassed up and headed towards the Capital Region.

This morning after dodging clouds of mosquitoes we left the campsite and I finally got up on the local wireless network and posted a blog. I also checked the comments and see that my cheeky friend John purports to have bought Walmart stock based on the number of visits we’ve made. And he didn’t even know about the trip we made yesterday! I think Dianne and I should offer to do one of those commercials like the Tim Horton’s commercial where the young men stop at each Tim’s on the way across the country. For those of you who are interested, I want to say that we did NOT stop at a Walmart today!

While we didn’t go to Walmart, we did walk to the Dairy Queen after supper and buy a cake for Dianne’s birthday. So now we’re settled in for the evening and it’s started to rain, nicely cutting down humidity.

Tomorrow we’ll head into Ottawa and do some sightseeing.


mark said...

Freedom Fifty-Five on the Fifth during the Friendship Tour.

mark said...

Gary and Donna phoned to wish you a Happy Birthday.

Bob said...

Hello Betty ... you are having a great adventure ... was going to post a comment on May 29th because Mother celebrated her 98th birthday that day and I had noticed you were planning to depart ... it has taken me that long to figure out how to post ... looking forward to your vist ... love ... Bob