Wednesday, December 17, 2008

No snow, eh?

Largo, Florida. It is 9:40 am and I’m have had breakfast, a shower, have a load of laundry in dryer and done stretching exercises with the snowbird contingent in front of the recreation hall. (Exercises Monday to Friday at 9 am). People here are friendly.

The campground I’m in is mostly people who come for six months of the year but there are a few places saved for weary travelers. A lot of people have permanent mobile homes here with the undersides nicely boarded in, screened porches and nice landscaping. Others have pulled in large fifth wheel trailers with multi slide outs. The people to my right and immediately behind me are from Ontario. Everyone comments on how far I’ve come but the truth is I am a five-hour, direct flight from home.

I spent the night before last in a beautiful campground outside Orlando just six miles from Disney World. I stopped there after finally getting my van back from the Chevy service centre that worked on my dash air all day. But I now have ice cold dash air and sort of cold roof air – which I will need today as it’s supposed to go up into the 80s this afternoon.

Yesterday afternoon I looked at several potential places in Clearwater Beach but didn’t find the ideal spot for a Christmas stop. I will continue the search today and then head to DeSoto Park just south of St. Pete’s Beach. At least that’s the plan.

By the way, I filled up the gas tank yesterday for $50.00 Canadian - when I first bought the van last February, it cost me $130.00 to fill the tank. Gas here ranges from $1.51 to $1.69 a US gallon.

There is no free WiFi here although several secured networks show up. And one unsecured one which I've connected to with a weak connection. But it works!

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Gail G. said...

Well Merry Christmas Betty. I was sure that I just sent you a long message but it seems to have disappeared. IT's been a wildly busy year though I am getting economic whiplash from the ups and downs of house price, gas prices, my price, my your idea of being in the south and swimming your way through Christmas. Will catch up on your blog over the holidays, though I must admit that this is my first time ever on a blog. Welcome me to the new century! Happy new year