Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Shivering in Albuquerque

It is late in the afternoon and soon the sun will be going down. Hopefully the wind will go down too. I’m sitting in the van which rocking in the wind – a bitter, cold wind that’s been blowing all day. This morning when I got up I discovered that my water hose had frozen sometime during the night. Thankfully I had water in the tank – which didn’t freeze – and I could use that. Last night I put anti-freeze down the toilet and sink so those tanks wouldn’t freeze. I used windshield wiper fluid and so far everything is still flowing.

I’m actually warm enough in the van but there’s not much room to move around. I’ve been sleeping with both a sleeping bag and a comforter over me, and have not kept any heat on overnight. Tonight I think I will leave the little electric heater on low.

I went out today to pick up some food for Annette and stopped at Sears where I picked up a quilted vest and another turtleneck, both by Lands End and both on sale. The grand total was $22.00, probably the best clothing bargain I’ve managed on this trip!

Annette arrives tomorrow and we’ll be going to Taos probably on the weekend. We’ll stay in a house with some friends of hers – not in the van. This is a good thing as it’s even colder in Taos. Annette and I will spend the next ten days travelling around New Mexico. Despite the weather, New Mexico is a beautiful spot and there is much to do here. And according to the weather reports, it is supposed to warm up soon.

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