Thursday, February 19, 2009

Oatman, AZ

Oatman is an old gold mining town about an hour north of Lake Havasu. When it was abandoned, the miners turned out their burros and they stayed around and kept breeding. Now they wander around the town begging for carrots and other treats from the tourists.
The old buildings now house souvenir shops and the like but are fun to poke around in. And the desert scenery on the way in and out of the town is spectacular. Several times I spotted a lone RV parked out on the desert. You can camp anywhere on the Arizona desert unless there is a sign posted stating the contrary.
I'm still in Lake Havasu but will head south to Yuma tomorrow. Next week I'll be in California. Soon the long west coast drive north will begin.

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Angus Stuart said...

Ah - that explains "RV city" in Quartzite as I came through - I couldn't work out why all these RVs were just parked for miles and miles...